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  • One-Hole Rubber Stoppers

    Size No. 000, 00 and 0 have hole 3 mm diameter; sizes No. 1 and 2 have hole 4 mm in diameter; all other sizes have hole 5 mm in diameter.

  • Gray Chlorobutyl Straight-Sided Stoppers

    These high quality gray chlorobutyl stoppers are used for research and pharmaceutical packaging applications. Universal gray chlorobutyl formulation passes Japanese, European and United States pharmacopeia testing for globally marketed pharmaceutical products Formulation contains no plasticizers,...

  • Rubber Stoppers


    M35 Green Neoprene for added chemical resistance Listed mainly by trade-size, available in solid, one-hole, and two hole rubber stoppers. Uses vary widely, some are outlined below: Carboy Stoppers Crucible Holders Laboratory & Test Tube Stoppers Masking Applications Micro Stoppers Pipe Plugs Tube...

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