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  • Synthware Connecting Adapters, Y-Shaped

    Synthware connecting adapter is a 3-way adapter used for connecting three vessels. It has two top outer joints and a lower inner joint, all being the same size.

  • Synthware Distillation Adapters

    Synthware distillation adapter with a 10/18 standard taper outer joint for a 76mm immersion thermometer. The adapter has a standard taper top outer joint and inner joints for the bottom and side.

  • Synthware Distillation Connecting Adapters

    Synthware distillation connecting adapter. With standard taper top outer joint and inner joints at bottom and the side arm. Bottom and side arm joints are angled at 75 degrees to one another.

  • Synthware Connecting Adapters

    Synthware combination adapting connector with a top spherical socket joint and a lower standard taper inner joint.

  • Synthware Distilling Adapters, 105°

    Synthware distillation adapter with sealed in drip tip. Adapter is bent at 105 degrees. Standard taper top outer joint and lower inner joints. 

  • Short Path Distillation Head

    United Scientific Supplies

    Short Path Distillation Head with 24/40 flask joints and 10/30 thermometer port. Distillation head is manufactured from high quality 3.3 borosilicate glass and features a condenser coil and three 1/4" hose nozzles, two for condenser and one for vacuum.

  • Synthware Vacuum Take-Off Adapters

    Synthware vacuum take-off adapter with drip tip. The upper outer and lower inner standard taper joints are the same size. 

  • U-Shaped Adapters

    Kemtech America

    Synthware U-shaped adapter. With standard taper inner joints at both ends.

  • Synthware Thermometer Adapters

    Synthware thermometer adapter with a 5 degree offset and a serrated hose connection for vacuum. Joints are standard taper.

  • Synthware Distillation Adapters, 75°

    Synthware distillation adapter bent at 75 degrees. Both ends are standard taper inner joints and are the same size.

  • Adapter Univ Sz 21 14 / 10

    DWK Life Sciences (Kimble)

    A vacuum-tight seal is created with the open top compression cap and FKM o-ring to allow adjustable immersion of thermometers Cap is suitable for use to 150 °C To use it as a septum port, just replace the o-ring with a PTFE-lined septum Supplied with one FKM o-ring and one 410119 cap Ref: ASTM...

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