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  • Aluminum Lab-Lifts

    Anodized aluminum construction Three sizes Convenient Aluminum lab-lifts provide stable height adjustment for lab items such as flasks, baths and small equipment weighing up to 45 lbs. Aluminum lab-lifts come in three sizes: 4” x 4”, 6” x 6” and 8” x 8”....

  • Frame Connectors, Hooks & Support Apparatus

    S-Connector Clamp is ideal for constructing lab-frames or other supports requiring the connection of two perpendicular rods. Clamp connects two 13 mm (0.51") rods at a 90° angle and features separate adjustment screws for each rod location. Lab Frame Foot Stainless steel electro-polished...

  • Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Lab-Lifts

    Exceptional stability and control Stainless steel construction Seven sizes for any application Autoclavable and chemical-resistant Heavy-duty stainless steel lab-lifts are very stable lifting platforms that offer exceptionally high strength and durability. Constructed of stainless steel, these...

  • Round Bottom Flask Stand

    United Scientific Supplies

    Molded in Polypropylene, this flask stand gives a stair-like top view. Every step provides excellent support to the round bottom flask at every point of contact. This flask stand can hold round bottom flasks up to 10,000ml capacity. This stackable flask stand can also be autoclaved.

  • Single Burette Clamp

    United Scientific Supplies

    Excellent for holding small objects, The jaws on these burette clamps open from 15mm to 45mm (0.5" to 1.75"). The clamp attaches to rods up to 13mm (0.5"). O.D. Jaws can be rotated and locked at any angle. Available with the jaws coated or uncoated.

  • Labjaws Thermometer Extension Clamp

    Like 2824B33 except with 12.5 mm extension rod. Holds 6 to 13 mm diamter objects up to 18 cm form support rod. Overall length is 21 cm. Requires clamp holder for attachment.

  • 3-Prong Dual Adjustable Clamps

    Wide adjustment range Autoclavable Stainless steel Polished finish Dual Adjustable Clamps are durable, multi-purpose clamps constructed of stainless steel and offer excellent chemical resistance and overall strength. The versatile 3-prong design secures a variety of lab apparatus such as joined...

  • Lattice Lab System, Set #1

    United Scientific Supplies

    The Lattice Lab System is a lightweight flexible set of support rods and clamps that allows a wide range of lab apparatus to be assembled and securely supported. Assembly is easy and requires only a screwdriver. Support rods are made of hard aluminum and foot plates and hook connectors are made of...

  • Stainless Steel Laboratory Scissor Jacks

    Ai stainless steel laboratory scissor jacks with cushion feet.

  • Swivel Clamp

    United Scientific Supplies

    Chrome plated steel double clamp. Accepts rods up to 0.75" (19mm) in diameter. One clamp can be rotated 360° about long axis and clamped in any position.

  • Test Tube Clamps

    United Scientific Supplies

    Test tube clamp for all sizes of test tubes. Available with and without finger grips in both Brass Wire and Steel wire with a brass finish. Note: Wooden test tube holder can accommodate test tubes from 12mm to 25mm in diameter.

  • Buret Clamps

    United Scientific Supplies

    Clamps are die casted from aluminum and feature black rubber sleeves for firm gripping of burettes.  The adjustable clamps hold up to 30mm OD burettes which are held in place by the pressure created by the springs.  For use with rods up to 19mm diameter.

  • Deluxe Support Stands

    United Scientific Supplies

    Cast iron bases with gray enamel finish. The base is 3mm thick with a welded plate on the mounting hole. This gives the support rod 10mm of screw support, which is three times thicker than other traditional stands. The support rod includes an 80mm long rod to provide more torque when securing the...

  • Ring Stands


    Ring stand consists of enameled steel support base with zinc-plated steel rod (8835B50 series) and 8091C20 series rings of zinc-plated steel with aluminum screw clamp Ring Stands include one each 64, 89, 114 mm rings Ring Stand Listings indicate base dimensions and rod height

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